Turn Knowledge into Action


One of the things I often hear people say – especially when they are being corrected – is, ‘I know that!’ It seems like  a standard response, particularly from people who don’t like to be told what to do. When I am given such a response, I want to ask: “Well if you know, why didn’t you do?” The Apostle James once said: “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (James 1:22). The author clarifies his statement by saying that people who hear only,  are like someone who looks at himself in a mirror and immediately forgets what he looks like when he walks away. That’s a serious case of forgetfulness, if you ask me.

So its not good enough to just to know, but to do as well. In fact one of the easiest ways to increase knowledge, is to do. It not only helps to retain knowledge of a particular process, it provides an opportunity for learning new skills. Most people who teach any discipline, whether it be mechanics, construction or even the art of teaching itself, will agree that one can never teach everything, and likewise, students will never learn everything. However as the process of doing is engaged, it opens to individual to a variety of learning disciplines, problem solving skills, creative thinking and so on. So turn knowledge into action. If you have learned something put it into action.

One of the greatest teachers who ever lived – and is still living – is Jesus. He called a group of men and  encouraged them to follow Him. In the process, their minds were opened up to learning far beyond their limited experience and eventually their experience outgrew their knowledge. When the time was right, He sent them out to do; to put into practice that which they had learned. These simple men – fisher folk by trade (some of them) – literally turned the world upside down for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therein lies the power of turning knowledge into action.


Step 1: Learn something new.

Step 2: Put it into action.


  1. Excellent blog post. This is such a powerful article, if someone were to read this and start applying certain things they hear on Sunday sermons to their lives, they would probably be better off than they are today in all aspects of their life. I remember hearing a sermon I believe two years ago on new years eve and the main point I remembered was that for things to change for you this year or in any given year you have to change the habits you do every single day. If I actually applied that, I would have gotten better results that year. We can form our habits from sermons given to us in church, but most people sit there and go home applying nothing. Actually to be honest there were times when I heard great sermons and walked out the church door and then forgot the topic of the sermon. I think an important part of applying certain teachings given on Sundays to your lives starts with taking notes on things you can change in your life. Its like Habakkuk said, write the vision, make it plain on tablets so that he may run who reads it. Sometimes we need to take spiritual advice take a note of it so that later on we can re-read and run with good biblical advice from a pastor. It starts with the habit of bringing a bible and notepad to church to learn from your pastor.

  2. Wonderful blog, Pastor Dave! It is time for us to be doers of the Word and not just hearers!!! Learning something new teaches us to be humble and open to new ideas. God has provided His Word of truth and grace and wants us to step out on faith! Enjoy your day!!!

  3. Welcome to the blog. Looking forward to your many informative and wonderful teachings’! You are by far the best teacher when it comes to breaking down the Word of God. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your ministry.

      1. Lol Pastor…I mean it though, as I can only say how effective your sermons are to me! You also mentioned on Sunday the following:
        “When our need becomes greater than our delinquency, we will come home to the Father”.
        My take on this is I feel that adversity only makes us more resolute to overcome situations since we seem to pray harder and deeper (if I can use these expressions) when faced with difficulties! It’s how we value our relationship with God enough to put it all in His hands. Trusting God always make every transition easier. The Psalmist says in chapter 23, we go THROUGH the valley (temporary) but most of us make permanent decisions based on temporary situations. Learning to wait on God’s timing is the key to understanding that our needs and wants’ comes down to God’s Will for our lives’! Thinking that we can sustain faith by one weekly meal (Sundays), without fully grasping the message is like going around in a circle. We need to saturate our spirit in the Word of God every single day so we can understand what this life is about!

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