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Based on a passage in the book of Judges (chapter 9), The Parable of the Trees – A Study in Spiritual Leadership is a must-read for anyone aspiring to Christian Leadership. Whether such aspiration is pastoral, teaching Sunday School, Youth Leadership or any of the multitude of leadership manifestations in the church, this book presents a clear and simple outline of the Biblical requirements necessary.

Unfortunately this book was never released on Amazon or any of the main book selling entities and only a few copies remain. If you are interested in a copy send me an email:

Currently I am in the process of preparing and editing the manuscript for a wider release.


Available on Amazon

Walking with Jesus – A 40 Day Journey is a devotional divided into  four modules – Discipleship, Prayer, Service and Promises. Each module spans period of 10 days and can be used as for personal study or in a small group setting.

I am currently working on the following titles:

40 Days of Spiritual Growth

ESCALATE: Taking Your Leadership Higher

Allies in the Darkness – A Novel

Encounters With Jesus

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