Things that make you go “hmmm…”

On Holding on to the Past:

“If you hold on to the past without realizing that it’s the past (or has passed), your hands will be too busy (or too full) to take hold of that which Christ has in store for you (and which He has already taken hold of, for you).” Pastor Dave (based on Philippians 3:12-14)

“The sad truth is that many people hold on to the past so tightly they forget to live for the present and the future. And soon another year passes, and another, giving them more than enough to hold on to; more to keep them from exploring all that God has in store for them.” (Pastor Dave Rajoon – Facebook 2017)

On Life:

You build a house to live you life…you make a home to build your life…your life is the “house” in which God should live! (Sermon: “The House on the Rock Will Stand” Jan. 4, 2017 Pastor Dave)

S.T.A.R.T: The lovely thing about a new year is that it gives everyone an opportunity to make a fresh start. Everyone has a  new starting point called The New Year. To help you on your way in 2017, here’s an acronym using the word START
S – Stop Making Excuses
T – Take a Step of Faith
A – Act on the Promises of God
R – Remember His Love for You
T – Trust God!

“Que, Sera, Sera” (Whatever will be will be – Doris Day) is not a life plan; it’s a gamble! – Jan 8, 2017 (Pastor Dave)

“Do the Math…”
Subtract the Negatives and Add the Positives
Step 1: First ask yourself what are the negatives in your life (they can be bad habits, addictions, temperament, debt…)
Step 2: Think of a few positives you would like to to inculcate (patience, forgiveness, generosity).
Step 3: Develop a system of ridding yourself of the negatives (one at a time) and replace with a positive. (FB – Jan. 14 2017)

On Dreams:
“Be careful when someone sells you their dream. When God gives a dream you may face challenges but you wake up smiling. When you buy into an unrealistic dream you may end up in a nightmare.” (Pastor Dave “Dollars and Sense” – Jan 22, 2017)

On Leadership:
“Your personality often dictates your leadership style.”

Feedback Articulation: The way you respond when you are criticized or corrected.

On Generosity:
“A tight fist is inconsistent with a changed heart.”

On Social Media Activity

“Think before you like, or post.”

“There is enough fake news in the world. Don’t be a part of the problem.”

“Texting is not a modern phenomenon. God gave the original text. It’s called the Bible.”