“If you hold on to the past without realizing that it’s the past (or has passed), your hands will be too busy (or too full) to take hold of that which Christ has in store for you (and which He has already taken hold of, for you).” Pastor Dave (Philippians 3:12-14)

ENCQUIP is the place to engage your mind, encourage your soul and equip yourself “for the work of the ministry.”

Dave Rajoon: A Little About Me…

I am a pastor,  teacher, servant and leader in the kingdom of God, and my mission is to engage Christian leaders in living out their God-ordained purpose  in life by focusing on their Christian walk. As Barnabas encouraged Saul (who later became Paul the Apostle), I want to encourage you, as well. I am aware  that life and ministry can sometimes cause  the soul to become weary and many Christian leaders suffer from a condition called “burnout.”  I also want to equip the body of Christ through Biblical teaching and relevant leadership training.

My wife and I are the  the founding pastors of Grace (Evangelistic) Ministries, Ozone Park NY. We were both born and raised on the Island of Trinidad (Caribbean) and immigrated to the USA in 1989.  We have one daughter, Carissa but many spiritual children. We grew up under the ministry of the late Rev. Winston Ballosingh  (Open Bible / Central Missions Foundation).  I studied under the tutelage of the late Rev. Sydney Ramdial from whom I developed a love for “rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15).  From very early in life my wife and I  were  exposed to every area of Christian ministry,  which includes Sunday School and youth ministries,  evangelism, church planting, church building,  and church administration. We have been blessed with a wealth of practical training in ministry that has spanned many years,  from the seventies to today.

In addition to practical ministry training, Renooka has a master’s degree in Public Administration. I am a graduate of NYACK College in New York City with  a degree in Pastoral Ministry and a minor in Psychology. I completed a fellows program  at the  former New York City Leadership Center (now called LEAD NYC).  I have also authored The Parable of the Trees – A Study in Spiritual Leadership, and Walking with Jesus – A 40 Day Journey.

Currently, aside from being the lead pastor at Grace Ministries NY, I am on the advisory board of Kingdom Partners a Queens NY pastoral network.


So join with me on this journey of learning as we explore the leadership secrets of the Bible!

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